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Welcome to PSW Services, offering high-quality tree surgery for West Cork and the surrounding areas. Not only do we provide tree care, site clearance, and tree removal services, we pride ourselves on being highly-experienced arborists. All of our work is to the highest standard of quality.

Tree Surgery

Trees are vital to the community that we live in, and the benefits of them are too many to number. Not only do they provide us with oxygen to breath but they also act as a filter, trapping pollutants and dust from the air. They provide welcome shade from solar radiation; they can even reduce our stress level and add value to your property. However, without proper maintenance, trees can become a problem and potentially cause safety risks that could be life-threatening. This is where the services of a tree surgeon can help.
We approach our tree surgery services with an arborist’s mindset. What does this mean to you? Before undertaking any tree service, our expert tree surgeons will undergo extensive tree assessments before deciding on the most suitable course of action which takes into consideration both the client’s best interests and the tree’s best interests. While you may think that tree surgery can be reduced to just felling, chopping, tree cutting, and removing trees there is so much more our service can provide for you. Arborists understand the anatomy of trees and ecosystems which gives them an advantage in providing services for tree maintenance, pruning and health.

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