Winter Garden Tips

During winter, it can be very easy to neglect your garden since you may think that plants are dormant; and with visits from Jack Frost, it is understandable enough if the last thing you want to be doing is pruning hedges or cutting back trees. However, getting your garden in top shape for spring will ensure that you will have a vibrant and awe-inspiring garden when the sun finally decides to come out again.

One of the jobs many people avoid during winter is general clearance. Even during times when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, we can all agree removing fallen branches and twigs and dead leaves isn’t exactly exhilarating – although, as mundane as it is, the simple act of clearing your garden can ensure that there are no damp issues for underlying plants due to sprout in spring. Therefore, ensuring that your garden is blooming and full of life after the bitter winter.

Another job which is often overlooked during winter is repairing wooden fences. Natural deterioration and rotting of fences is common, especially if you have had them for over five years. By fixing or replacing the fences this time of year guarantees you will have a sturdy barrier surrounding your garden, ready for spring. Make sure to add a lick of wood preserver, so that you enhance the life of your fences, this will protect your fences against decay and decomposition.

Finally, this job may be laborious regardless of what season it is, however it is extremely crucial and its importance is substantial… Weeding. During winter, we are under the impression that everything that usually grows is frozen in time and won’t grow until we see the sun again: even though that is what it looks like on the surface, the truth is that most plants are dormant and are still living and breathing, yet there are some plants that grow whatever season, and in this case, they’re weeds. If you use a systemic weed killer, it will kill not only the weed plant, but also the root, meaning that all parts of the weed will be lifeless and it then won’t grow anymore. It is difficult for you to completely eradicate all traces of weeds, but by using a systemic weed killer, you will be able to increase time between treatments which then in turn will leave you more time to enjoy your garden in the upcoming spring months.

Alternatively, if you feel like garden maintenance through the winter months is not quite for you and you’d still rather have someone look after your garden please feel free to give us a call or email.

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