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Composite decking is a low maintenance, environmentally friendly 2nd generation composite decking board. The manufactured board has a natural looking multi-tone finish and boards are dual surface texture with one side wood grain and the second with a wide groove pattern. Boards are engineered to eliminate any of the drawbacks of timber so guaranteed against rotting warping, splitting and splintering. Boards do not absorb water like timber so will not harbour mould and become slippy.

Maintenance is minimal and would suggest an annual light clean to keep in the best condition for the warranted period.


Our composites are manufactured from 55% sustainable wood fibres and 45% Recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene; typically attained from recycled plastic milk bottles) with a 90% HDPE and 10% wood fibre cap for extra endurance; producing a product with all the workable qualities of wood whilst gaining the durability of synthetic materials that requires far less maintenance and holds a much longer life span than timber decking.

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    Installed January 2019 In Schull.

    This installation was complemented with Stainless steel marine grade wire rope infill.

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